About Sailcone’s Fly-in Fishing

Sailcone is Crowd Medicine

We’ve always thought that there wasn’t a lot of sense in leaving the city and its freeways just to join a large crowd of fishermen. Most lodges accommodate 25-40 guests, and sometimes even more. This seemed to us far from ideal and certainly not the best way to enjoy the majestic wilderness of Knight Inlet.

We built Sailcone to provide a comfortable, intimate and relaxing atmosphere – a lodge that is yours. We’ve kept the maximum number of guests to 10 for Wilderness Fishing at Sailcone Lodge and a group of six or more gets you exclusive use, your own private fishing lodge. Our guests become not only our fishing companions but our friends as well.

Your Guide

An all important part of our “Sailcone Experience” is your guide.  Our seasoned crew has fished with us for an average of 15 years.  They know all the hot spots, when to fish them, and are experienced and licensed boat handlers.  They are your contact to local “lore” and have been known to come up with a good joke or two.

BC wilderness attractions: Explore and Fish in Majestic Knight Inlet.

Knight Inlet is British Columbia’s longest and most exciting fjord – 95 miles of mountainous wilderness, home of huge waterfalls, ice fields and plentiful wildlife. Grizzly and Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Bald Eagles, Whales, Sea Lions, Halibut, Steelhead and all varieties of Salmon.

Our location on Minstrel Island, provides us with a long “reach”. We fish and explore over 50 miles of this incredible wilderness. We are changing our destinations daily to follow the large runs of salmon or to fish one of the teeming rivers.

About Campbell River

Campbell River is a busy town on Vancouver Island. We fly in our Salmon Fishing Safari guests from Campbell River. As the closest town to our remote lodge, we get many of our provisions from Campbell River.

Kakweiken River Trip

Recently we added our Kakweiken River trip to our ocean salmon fishing. These day trips are extremely popular, not only for the beauty of the river and the wildlife (Grizzly & Black Bear, Timber Wolves, Bald Eagles, etc.) but also for the great fishing action.
The Kakweiken River is a class 2 restricted river. We have been fortunate to acquire permits for it. In the summer, mid July through September, all four species of salmon run up the river to spawn in the upper reaches. They provide some incredibly exciting battles. A 20 lb. Coho on 8 lb. test line can keep you busy for as long as an hour. This is a real bonus side trip to your ocean fishing adventure.

A Typical River Day

A typical day starts before dawn with breakfast and coffee for an eye opener. You then catch the first light bite (best time ocean fishing). Around 7:30 you are boated to a dock at the mouth of the river, met by our guide -Trapper Rick- who drives you to his riverside cabin. From there you are taken up to 8 pools to try your luck using light casting gear. Later in the afternoon, after a delicious picnic lunch, it’s back to the lodge for dinner and some more ocean fishing in the evening.

Minstrel Island

Minstrel Island is a small island with a history. For 75 years it boasted a busy community of loggers and commercial fishermen. Now it’s a quiet, almost deserted, island fronting on the runs of salmon heading up Knight Inlet to feed on the abundant herring or to spawn in one of the many rivers.

Tribune Channel

Tribune Channel  is a channel running from Knight Inlet, north to the Inside Passage. An excellent area for Tyee Salmon [Kings over 30lb] in June, July and August. The Tribune Channel is also one of our best Halibut grounds. At Sailcone fishing you will be accompanied by experienced guides, all expert at finding Tyee and Halibut.

What’s Included with your BC Fly In Fishing experience:

  • Round trip airfare from Vancouver to our lodge. We use commercial flights from Vancouver to Campbell River and float plane transportation from Campbell River to our lodge.
  • Comfortable Accommodation
  • Superb Meals
  • Unlimited fishing, two guests per boat
  • 17’ speedboats with two engines
  • VHF Radios and depth sounders
  • All rods, reels and tackle
  • Salmon and River licenses
  • Cleaning and vacuum seal packaging of your catch
  • Mixer and Soft Drinks
  • Heavy duty cooler boxes for transporting your catch
  • Warm cruiser suits and boots for the boats

Contact us today to learn more and book your coastal British Columbia fishing trip of a lifetime!